Donald Trump’s win against Clinton had nothing to do with Russians: aide

Reacting to reports that Russia had helped Donald Trump win the election, a top aide to the president-elect on Sunday said that he won in an electoral landslide that had nothing to do with any Russians.

“Donald Trump won in an electoral landslide that had nothing to do with the Russians,” Reince Priebus, who has been nominated by Trump as his White House Chief of Staff, told ABC News in an interview.

Priebus claimed that the stories based on unnamed sources in the intelligence community are not authentic and that it was not true that the Republic National Committee’s servers were also hacked.

“It is unbelievable that the press would run with unnamed sources about something, that they agree was inconclusive, but ignore the fact that the actual people involved on the other side of this story are telling you it’s not true,” Priebus said and asserted that the 17 intelligence agencies in October did not conclude that the hacking was done by Russia.

They didn’t conclude it was Russia. I don’t care if it’s Russia or whoever, they shouldn’t – we’re going to protect Americans. We don’t want these countries or whoever else these people are hacking our country, our parties, we protect our Americans. We don’t like it. We’re against it,” he said.

“But what I can’t do is have an intelligent conversation with you about a report in ‘The New York Times’ that is unnamed, inconclusive, and based on something that isn’t true,” he added.

Priebus said that Trump has full trust in CIA.

“He trusts the CIA. This is about 17 or so unnamed Russian Hackers agencies in an unnamed report that based the report on something that is totally false,” he said.

“The RNC was not hacked. So the report is basically trying to make the case that the RNC was hacked, the DNC was hacked, and the only emails that came out were DNC emails, so therefore, this is the conclusive report that the Russians or whoever was doing the hacking wanted to unfairly change the election,” Priebus said.


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